2027 West Broadway, Minneapolis, MN 55411

SPCO: Oct. 30
Tickets are on sale now for the SPCO's Oct. 30 concert. Reserve your seats for just $10. Free ticket reservations will begin Oct. 6.
Rent the Capri!
We're an affordable, 250-seat venue in the heart of North Minneapolis.
Monday, Oct. 6!
Our new season begins with featured artist IBé and a special joint production with North First.
CAST is free and open to any high school students interested in theater. Enroll now!

Built in 1927, the Capri Theater’s storied history includes 35 years as the Paradise Theater (from 1933 to 1967), as well as the place where Prince launched his international music career in January 1979. Located at 2027 West Broadway (one block east of Penn Ave. North), the Capri Theater is owned and operated by Plymouth Christian Youth Center (PCYC). Renovated in 2009, the 250-seat Capri is an ideal venue for music (acoustic and amplified), theater, film, dance, spoken word, community forums and more.

Performing arts activities ranging from concerts by The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra to performances by emerging hip hop artists during our Freedom of Xpression open mic sessions demonstrate the versatility of our venue. Thanks to our acclaimed Legends jazz series, Minnesota Monthly magazine named the Capri the Twin Cities’ “Best Jazz Venue.” In Minneapolis, the arts drive development, and on the Northside, the Capri Theater is bringing up the lights on West Broadway!