The Capri Theater is owned and operated by Plymouth Christian Youth Center. It is part of the PCYC campus located between West Broadway and 23rd Avenue North along Oliver Avenue. The Capri Theater is operated under PCYC’s Mission and Operating Principles.


To enrich the skills, prospects and spirit of North Minneapolis area youth and adults, in partnership with families and communities.

Vision for 2012

Plymouth Christian Youth Center is a place of strength, safety and beauty where every young person is looked out for, nurtured and challenged. Youth, adults, families and communities come together to turn back the tides of poverty and violence, embracing hope, compassion and the reality of a better world.

Operating Principles

  • Achieve life-changing results, adapting programs and activities with the times.
  • Create a welcoming, harmonious, multicultural environment.
  • Work in trusting and respectful partnerships with youth, adults, families, organizations and communities.
  • Serve as a vital leadership anchor, offering hope and effective action.
  • Support the growth and well-being of staff, volunteers and community friends.
  • Exercise wise stewardship of the organization’s gifts and assets.

In its 2007-2012 strategic plan, PCYC outlined its Capri Theater Renaissance: “PCYC will ‘bring up the lights’ on year-round arts programming that inspires young people, develops their skills, builds community and draws thousands of youth and adults to a top-notch North Minneapolis performance venue on West Broadway.”