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Mary Johnson and Director Dawn Mikkelson to attend!

Risking Light tells the story how Mary Johnson, a longtime Northsider and employee of PCYC, moved from her experience of unimaginable grief over the murder of her only child when he was 21, to a place of profound compassion and forgiveness that today includes a powerful bond and friendship with O’shea Israel, the man who murdered her son.

Dawn Mikkelson

The film was produced, directed and written by local filmmaker and Emmy Award-winner, Dawn Mikkelson. It includes two other moving stories of people who went through inconceivable loss and trauma and chose forgiveness as their path to healing. “The ripple effect of forgiveness is clear in all of these stories,” said Mikkelson.

Risking Light played to sold-out audiences and was a Best of the Fest selection this year at the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival. In addition to more screenings across the U.S. this summer, the movie makes its international premier at the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival in July.

Please join us in conversation with Ms. Mary after the film.

NOTE:  Donations will be accepted at the screening for From Death to Life, a non-profit organization dedicated to ending violence through the facilitation of healing and reconciliation between families of victims and perpetrators. Ms. Mary is the founder of this non-profit.