Luther Redus, Capri Renaissance Man

Luther Redus was one of the original Capri Apprentices in 2007. He continued as an apprentice throughout his high school career at PYC, then went on to college where he will graduate in 2015 with an Associate Degree in Business Administration from National American University.

Today, Luther is back at PCYC, teaching math, reading and comprehension to 2nd graders in the after school program. “It is my class!” he says.


As an apprentice … it was really my introduction into the workplace and to something I was passionate about. I had a great opportunity to explore who I was, and fi gure out my strengths and weaknesses.

Karl, Kevin and Dennis* showed me how to accept others; how to be on time for work; how to network, and how to present myself professionally.

When you stand on the stage you stand by yourself. You learn how to look people in the eye and say this is who I am. This is it. And I’m going to be the best me I can be.

At the Capri… you’re sitting in a room where “I love you!” was shouted. Where “Thank you for keeping me safe,” was uttered. You’re sitting in the midst of a family. You have to look at the Capri as a home where people are made. This is where excellence is born.


*Former Director of the Capri, Karl Reichert. Artistic Associates Kevin West and Dennis Spears.