The Leading Role

The Leading Role

as told by Catrice O’Neal, PCYC Out of School Time Manager

Every summer the scholars in PCYC’s K – 5 Summer Friends program have the privilege of attending the summer Camp Capri production. While visiting our first grade class I told the children that this year’s play was Cinderella! Coming to America! This naturally evoked much excitement because Cinderella is a familiar character.

As the scholars were making masks like the ones being created for the masquerade ball scene, one scholar immediately spoke up, “What’s the name of the play again?

Cinderella! Coming to America!” I said.

“Ms. Catrice,” he eagerly replied, “I would love to wear my mask to the play. And can I have the leading role of Cinderella?”

This was a special moment.

This young man has faced some real challenges, tends to be quiet, and certainly doesn’t strike you as someone who would want to take center stage. But he’s found a home here at PCYC where he can comfortably blossom into his own true self – and ask for the leading role.

Every day at PCYC we see our kids thinking about who they are – developing resiliency, motivation and grit.

“Stay with us ‘til you get old enough for Camp Capri, young man,” I said. “And you can be whoever you want to be!”