Youth Arts at the Capri


Youth-Arts-Logos-01Plymouth Christian Youth Center’s strategic plan for the Capri Theater calls for a commitment to “youth development with a heavy emphasis on youth engagement woven into every aspect of Capri operations and programming.” Today the Capri Theater has an active youth arts program that includes the following programs

Capri After School Theater (CAST): A year-long program under the artistic direction of Kevin D. West. For the past two years CTC has been a collaborative partner presenting workshops for students at the Capri and hosting experiences around its own productions at CTC, including artist meet and greet sessions, tech rehearsals and opening night performances and festivities. Actress Greta Oglesby also serves as a teaching artist during the year

Camp Capri: A five-week arts camp dedicated to theater, music, dance, writing and visual arts. Camp Capri runs for five weeks from early July to mid August

Capri Glee: A vocal music program that ran from January through July 2015.  It consisted of four distinct musical experiences for elementary students, high school students and adults.