Capri Staff

JScott James Scott
Director of the Capri Theater
(612) 643-2024
KWest Kevin D. West
Artistic Associate – Artistic Director, Capri After School Theater (CAST)
(612) 643-2039
DSpears Dennis W. Spears
Artistic Associate – Artistic Director, Legends Series
(612) 643-2030
Gregory Graham
Production & Tech Coordinator
(612) 643-2050
JZahn Janet Zahn
PCYC/Capri Communications Director
(612) 643-2058
Debra deNoyelles
Development Director
(612) 643-2042

The Capri Theater is owned and operated by Plymouth Christian Youth Center (PCYC).

Anne Little Long
Executive Director
Plymouth Christian Youth Center
2210 Oliver Ave. North
Minneapolis, MN 55411
Phone: 612-643-2000