The Capri Theater is committed to accessibility for its patrons.

If you need accommodations not listed on this page or for more information about any of these services, please contact the Director of the Capri, James Scott, at 612-643-2024 or

For visitors who have mobility disabilities:

The Capri has accessible wheelchair and companion seating available.

Seating Assistance for Capri events including Legends @ the Capri, CAST, SPCO, Capri Glee!, Camp Capri, Freedom of Xpression and First Thursday Films @ the Capri: please contact James Scott, 612-643-2024 or

Seating Assistance for Rental Events at the Capri:  The Capri rents space to organizations and individuals throughout the year.  Please contact the rental event contact person, as listed in the Capri events calendar, for assistance.  If you need further assistance, please contact James Scott, 612-643-2024 or

Restrooms: The men’s and women’s restrooms at the Capri are ADA-compliant.

Metro Mobility:  If you are using Metro Mobility, please alert our staff prior to the show. They will contact you in the theater if your van arrives early or will stay inside the building with you if your ride arrives late.

Elevators: Second-floor office space and classrooms are accessible using the elevator located just off the main lobby. (Theater seating is on the main floor.)

For visitors who are deaf or hard of hearing:

Assistive listening devices for Capri performances are available. We can also arrange for American Sign Language interpreters.  Please contact James Scott in advance of the performance you wish to attend to arrange for this service: 612-643-2024 or

For visitors who are blind or have low vision:

The Capri can arrange for Audio Description services and materials in alternative print formats upon request, with 14 days’ notice prior to the performance you wish to attend. Please contact James Scott to make these arrangements: 612-643-2024 or

Location, Parking and Transportation:

The Capri Theater is located at 2027 West Broadway, one block east from the intersection of West Broadway and Penn Avenue North.  Map. The entrance to the Capri, located at the corner of West Broadway and Logan Avenue North, is wheelchair accessible.

ADA-compliant parking is available in two parking lots adjacent to the Capri, one small lot to the east (on Oliver Avenue North just off 23rd Avenue North) and one larger lot to the west of the building. There is also on-street parking on West Broadway.  See map for details.

There is a Metro Transit bus stop directly in front of the Capri on West Broadway. Metro Transit

The Capri Theater is owned and operated by Plymouth Christian Youth Center (PCYC).