Announcing: Capri Booking Rentals Now

Greetings, everyone.

We’re pleased to announce that rental spaces at the Capri will be available beginning Monday, October 11.

We are booking rentals now!  To begin, complete this form (It’s quick ‘n easy.)

Choose from four main rental spaces within the Capri:

Capri Theater (seating capacity 256)
The renovated Capri Theater features new auditorium seating, new lighting and sound systems, dressing rooms, a green room, costume and scene shops, a serving pantry, a beautiful expanded lobby, and more.

Paradise Community Hall (seating capacity 125)
The Paradise Community Hall is a beautiful, flexible space with a seating capacity of up to 125.  Think: community meetings, concerts, fashion shows, plays, weddings, birthday parties, repasts, fundraisers, art shows, dances, recitals, anniversary parties, etc.

Broadway Rehearsal Room
The Broadway Rehearsal Room is sized to the exact dimensions of the Capri stage, with a fully sprung dance floor. Located on the second floor of the Capri, the Broadway is completely accessible and perfect for rehearsals and small gatherings.

Anne & Jim Long Conference Room
The Anne & Jim Long Conference room is a classic meeting space, with a conference table, 8 chairs, a white board and AV monitor, and a nice view overlooking PCYC and 23rd Avenue.


  • Capri stage (23’-8”w X 26’-11”d), with 15 motorized line sets.
  • Paradise Community Hall (52’-0”w X 39’-0”d), with a suspension grid.
  • Broadway Rehearsal Hall sized to the Capri stage (24’-0”w X 36’-0”d).
  • New LED lighting system and digital sound system in the Capri and Paradise.
  • Scene, paint and wardrobe shop.
  • Dressing rooms, green room, serving pantry.

Tech Inventory
First Level Floor Plan
Second Level Floor Plan
Overall Site Plan (including Outdoor Plaza)
Community Hall Seating Options

Please know that COVID-19 continues to be a factor in how we’re able to utilize spaces.  As of this writing, the State of Minnesota limits occupancy in entertainment venues of Capri size to 50%. In addition, another surge of COVID is progressing through our state. Our plans will evolve as the state allows.

Conversely, nearly 2 million people in Minnesota have been vaccinated, and the efficacy of the vaccine is proving to be excellent. We are proceeding with appropriate caution and optimism.

It’s been a long time coming.  We look forward to hearing from you, and working with you soon!


James D. Scott
Director of the Capri

Kevin D. West
Artistic Associate

Star Tribune: “$12.5 million Capri Theater renovation pinned as linchpin to north Minneapolis revitalization,” by Rohan Preston

WCCO-TV:  “New Capri Theater hopes to change culture, arts community in North Minneapolis,”
by Reg Chapman 

Capri Groundbreaking Video, featuring highlights from Mayor Frey, Council Member Jeremiah Ellison, County Commissioner Irene Fernando, PCYC Executive Director Anne Long, and more.

The Capri is owned and operated by PCYC, a 501(c)3 non-profit that’s been serving the Northside community for 65 years. PCYC’s mission is to enrich the skills, prospects and spirit of North Minneapolis area youth and adults, in partnership with families and communities. PCYC brings this mission to life through three major program divisions: the Capri, PYC Arts & Technology High School (for grades 9-12) and an after-school and summer program for children in grades K-5.

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