Capri Construction Update

The Capri at Dusk with Moon

Marquee installation, West Broadway

Another new sign of things to come, south side of the building.
The Paradise Community Hall seats up to 125.

Paradise suspension grid
A little fun with lighting effects in the Paradise.
Entrance to the Capri and, just down the hall, the Paradise Community Hall.

Capri stage and auditorium. Seating capacity 256.
Ticket booth and concessions area
The Broadway Rehearsal Room
Best Buy Teen Tech Center

More information on renting space at the new Capri is here on our website, or contact Kevin West, 612-643-2039 or

We’re really looking forward to when we can all Be @ the Capri together again! Stay tuned for updates on our Facebook page, and join our email list.

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DONATE today to support the Capri!