Capri Response to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) Pandemic

April 24, 2020

Hello, everyone.

It’s been a little over a month since we packed our bags and moved to our home offices. During this time our Capri team has continued to monitor the latest COVID-19 developments and guidelines coming from the Governor’s office, the CDC and others.  We also meet online regularly to plan, commiserate, ruminate and encourage each other.  The future, as uncertain as it may be, is just around the corner.

We’ve made these programming changes:  

  • Saturday Camp Capri at PCYC / CANCELLED for the remainder of the school year
  • First Thursday Films at North High / CANCELLED for the remainder of the school year
  • Legends Concerts at Crooners / CANCELLED
  • Capri Glee! Community Choir Spring Session / POSTPONED. Alternative ideas for the summer are under consideration. Stay tuned. 
  • Summer Camp Capri / TO BE DETERMINED (originally scheduled for July 6 – August 7).  We’ll announce plans soon.

Our partners, The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra and the MSP Film Society have cancelled their spring programming.  More information: and

As of this writing, the Capri renovation and expansion continues. There’s a construction walk-through slide show available here on the website if you’re curious to see the progress that’s been made.  Know, too, that throughout this time, our contractor, D.J. Krantz, has been enforcing strict jobsite protocols.

PCYC, the agency that owns and operates the Capri, also keeps close watch over pandemic developments, with the safety and well-being of staff, students, parents, caregivers and the community at the center of all decisions.  

The world has certainly changed, and continues to change every day in ways most of us could never imagine.  Please take good care, dear friends, neighbors and colleagues.  


The Capri Team

James Scott, Kevin West, Dennis Spears, Gregory Grahm and Janet Zahn
and Anne Long, Executive Director, PCYC

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