Capri Awarded NEA Grant for “Northside Filmmakers”

Cellphone Filmmaking

Northside Filmmakers is a community filmmaking project that will help develop a group of 50 cellphone filmmakers in North Minneapolis. It will provide participants with cellphone video production and storytelling training and tools, led by three celebrated, local Black filmmakers: E.G. Bailey., D.A. Bullock and Shá Cage.

“Cell phones have become the people’s camera. Why? Because many of us have access to them. So it makes sense to use the resources that are inherently around us, to remove the barriers of participation and then…have fun using creative city-making practices to engage one’s community.”

–E.G. Bailey

“With this project we’ll be able to create an amazing ecosystem of filmmakers who can continue to support each other beyond the project. It’s like planting seeds—and those seeds will produce a lot of good fruit.”

–D.A. Bullock

“We are suddenly living in a time and world we have never seen before. We have two choices: stand outside the looking glass peering in or jump into the middle to help make history. We are tired of being spectators, having our stories co-opted, waiting for our moment. Now is the time to teach ourselves, our children and communities to re-write the narrative.  …The results will inevitably be a bright splash of honesty, truth, survival and Black Joy!”   

–Shá Cage


This general registration form is step one toward program enrollment. You’ll be contacted for confirmation. Please note that first priority will be given to Northside residents and people of color. This is a beginning and intermediate level course. 


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Artist Biographies

E.G. Bailey, recently named one of Filmmaker Magazine’s 25 New Faces of Independent Film, and a McKnight Media Artist Fellow, is an Ivey award-winning artist, filmmaker, director and producer. His latest work includes the co-curation of America Now!, a special film project which has taken place at the Tampere Film Festival in Finland, Latvia and others. His film, New Neighbors, premiered at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival, and has won numerous awards and has been screened at over 100 festivals world-wide.

D.A. Bullock is a filmmaker who uses art to supplant narratives of hopelessness with ones that promote and inspire collective understanding. His work fosters a radical reimagining of North Minneapolis that impacts how long-standing community issues are addressed. Bullock’s work seeks to develop new social art and engagement practices to affect public policy change in the areas of criminal justice, economic development and social and racial justice. 

Shá Cage is a cultural worker, writer, performer, director and activist who has been called a Change-maker, one of the leading artists of her generation, and a mover and maker. She’s taught in over 100 schools across the nation and is committed to using Art for Change in Black and Brown communities. She has been seen as a leading lady on major stages, a producer of feature films, a director and writer of plays, and a recipient of career achievement awards. But her proudest work is community healing and transformation through art.

More information on this National Endowment for the Arts grant announcement HERE.

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