“Love Can Heal the World”

To the Capri Glee! singers who sang in this piece, and J.D. Steele for inviting us to be a part of it and for your guidance through the process, and to all who have sung with us over time and support the Capri Glee! Adult Community Choir — passing on sincere thanks to all of you from Jason Peterson DeLaire and Vanessa DeLaire on the day of the release of “Love Can Heal the World.” Please share the love!

This song was inspired by the events in Minneapolis during the summer of 2020. The hope is to create healing and unity through music.

“There is a power that can heal this world, and that power is love!” -Jason Peterson

 Written, Performed and Produced by: Jason Peterson DeLaire  
 Producer /B3 Organ/Strings  Ricky Peterson 
Associate Producer/Choir Director JD Steele
Featured Artists: Oleta Adams 
Rockie Robbins 
Jarrod Lawson 
Background Vocalists: JD Steele 
Jearlyn Steele 
Jevetta Steele 
Patty Peterson 
Linda Peterson 
Paul Peterson 
Ricky Peterson 
Vanessa Peterson DeLaire 
Tracy Peterson 
Capri Glee! Community Choir 
Lead Vocals, Keyboards/Producer Jason Peterson DeLaire 
Producers/B3 Organ/Strings Ricky Peterson 
Bass Nelson Braxton 
Guitar Jerry Lopez 
Drums Joe Finger 
Piano Dave DelHomme 
Percussion Lenny Castro 
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