Nuts and Bolts: Capri Construction Update – July 2020

Below: New rigging, lighting and sound system updates are being installed in the theater and in the Paradise Community Hall to increase our flexibility as a concert, theater, film and event space.

Panorama-Capri stage, auditorium, cat walks

The larger lobbies and restrooms, along with improvements to the ticketing and concessions areas are almost ready for paint, and the glass walls inviting interaction with West Broadway have been installed.

View to West Broadway from Paradise Community Hall art gallery

Work continues on the second floor Best Buy Teen Tech Center, which when complete, will increase technology access for teens with an array of computers, audio and video recording and editing equipment, and 3D and large format printers.

Panorama-Best Buy Teen Tech Center

As part of the Best Buy Teen Tech Center and PYC Arts & Technology High School, teens will also have access to the Capri’s new fabric and wood shops.

Wood Shop

Photos: Pat Carney

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