Be Set.  Rent the Capri.



The Capri Theater in North Minneapolis is a beautifully renovated 250-seat venue for the performing arts, community gatherings, concerts, film, business events, semi-staged theatrical and dance productions, community forums and more.

PLEASE NOTE:  The Capri is available for rentals through the end of July, 2018.  We are breaking ground this September for the expansion and renovation of the Capri and the theater will be closed for construction until October, 2019.  We won’t be able to accommodate rental clients during this time, but the wait will be worth it.

Want to learn more? 

Please contact James Scott, Director of the Capri, 612-643-2024 or Kevin West, Capri Artistic Associate, 612-643-2039.  Thank you.

In the meantime, come see it, explore, learn more.


Floor plan including the lobby, dance room and auditorium.

Seating chart. 250 seats. 260 maximum capacity.
PCYC1503-34 Questions? Kevin West at
or 612-643-2039.