The Capri: 93 Years on the Northside, Anticipating 93 More

by James Scott, Director of the Capri

It’s incredibly exciting to finally be so close to opening and sharing our beautiful, new space with our community this fall (to the extent allowed), and to honor this building’s 93-year history in North Minneapolis. It’s equally exciting to actually start creating the next 93 years of memories in the renovated and expanded Capri! 

What those new memories will look like in even 15 years is beyond my imagination, but I know that the new Capri, together with our parent organization, PCYC, will continue to be guided by long-held principles, including our commitment to serve and work in concert with the community; to maintain a welcoming, safe and inclusive environment; to achieve life-changing results for young people and adults in our programs; to adapt programs and activities to the times; to value and uplift the arts and artists, and serve as a vital community anchor. 

While our plans for a “Grand Opening” this fall are on hold, as well as our hopes for the quick development of a building full of rental events, concerts, film and theater, we’re exploring other avenues to introduce the new Capri to our community, like virtual tours, live streaming of our works as well as works by others, and possibly small events as permitted. Continue to watch for the big “Grand Opening” event once restrictions have been lifted, and our brand new Capri website.

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